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जोया का पती जिबन थापा मगर को भिडियो सन्देश - हाम्रो भेट छिट्टै हुनेछ ।

Video Message from Jiban to Joya
Thu 1st Sep 3:54 am
Posted By MirmireNepal

लामो समय पश्चात जिबन थापा मगरको जोयालाई सम्बोधन गरि मुटु छुने भिडियो संदेश तयार गरेका छौ । जसमा आफ्नो जोयालाई "माया" भनेर सम्बोधन गरिएको छ । उनीहरु मायाले एकअर्कालाई बोलाउदा "माया" भन्ने गरेको जिबन बताउनु हुन्छ । संदेशमा भनिएको छ- "जोया, मेरो प्यारो किड्स तिमीहरु सन्चै हौला म पनि सन्चै र सुरक्षित छु । हामि भौतिक रुपमा धेरै टाढा भए पनि आत्मीय रुपमा मेरो मनमस्तिस्कमा बसिरहेका छौ । तिम्रो र नानीहरुको टेक कियर गर, बाबा आमा अनि सबैलाई धेरै मिस गरेको छु । म सरकारी कागजात निर्माणमा लागेको छु र मलाई विभिन्न संस्थाहरुले सहयोग गरिरहेको छ ।सायद चाडै हुन्छ होला र हामि चाडै एक भएर यहा नेपालमा बस्न पाउनेछौ । मिस यु जोया, माई किड्स, एंड अल ओफ यु " उक्त भिडियो संदेश हेर्नुहोस

Joya is a Philippino girl who has married to Nepalese citizen Jiban Thapa Magar. They had been happly living in Nepal but after 3 years of living time, Nepali some NGO and other government officers started to investigate her documents. They did not found any documents therefore was forced to leave the country. Now she is living in Philippines with two kids. She was crying while leaving the Nepal because she was going to miss her beloved for forever. Indeed, many people was blaming to Jivan regarding his behavior but in reality which is not true. Today, Jivan has published his video message to Joya, is saying that he is organizing all the necessary documents to bring back Joya and his two sons.

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