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नेपाल सुन्दर देश - हेर्नुहोस यो छोटो भिडियो

A beautiful country Nepal - short video
Wed 13th Jan 2:38 am
Posted By MirmireNepal

From whatever point of view, it is extremely difficult to trace a unifying profile of Nepalese culture. The geographical position and, above all, the geomorphology of this little Himalayan state, which has almost always been isolated from the outside world and literally compressed between the great powers of India and Tibet (China) has resulted in a population which, despite its proximity to one another, speaks different dialects and practices traditions and styles of singing which are quite different from each other. Within each of these "micro-cultures" can be found influences originating in the most diverse territories and ethnic groups and these are not always identifiable or datable. As a result of internal communication difficulties and scarce economic interest in this mountainous area, the history of Nepal is like a mosaic of small states; only occasionally have these been unified - at least in name - under the same ruler. As an example one could cite both Indian and Tibetan domination before the 4th century D.C. and the dynasties of the Licchavi, the Thankuri and the Malla (see note track 15), whose efforts for unification failed because of impossibility to create a single national sentiment among so many various groups. Generally speaking, Nepal can be divided into three regions which extend from east to west: in the south there are low foothills which are a part of the Ganges tributary and where the presence of Indians is quite evident; then the central hilly area and finally the Himalayan zone which has such a severe climate so as to discourage prolonged human 2 settlements, except for small communities of Sherpas, who seem to adapt themselves to the environment. This central, sub-Himalayan area is populated by the Newars and the Tamangs, whose songs are, in fact, the object of this recording. It is here that one finds the cultural and political center of the country as well as the Imperial cities of Bhadgaon, Patan, Katmandu, the important Hindu temple of Pasupatinath and the Buddhist devotional monument of Swayambhu representing Mt. Meru, the center of the earth and the destination of numerous pilgrims who come from faraway China and Tibet. Here one also finds a great variety of themes, song forms and scale types: the Chinese pentatonic scales are often combined with the seven-note structures of the Indian ragas, thus offering some unique melodic designs and combinations.

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